Company introduction 

Introduction to the Enterprise 

Zepiros is air purifier, sterilizer, induction, SMPS, etc.
We develop a variety of bio-technology and we work with many of our partners.
It's a win-win relationship with the bio-technology industry.
I'm trying to lead.
And furthermore, the right thing as a social enterprise.
Ethical management, value management, and

future management based on knowledge management
I'm presenting a vision of the future based on ideology.


Assembly production in the field of developing
the air filtration sterilization is Zephyros.
Growing global, social enterprises to become the world.

Development of UVC
sterilized deodorized colgate module 

Production of Products Applied to Patent Technology

The importance of the Indoor Air Quality Control. 

(for multi-use facilities, commercial). 

Apply PLASAMA Module 

Excellent deodorizing effects. 

Securing KC certification and MIC certification in Korea 

(school daycare center, postpartum care center, elderly
protection facility, nursing hospital, etc.)

(LPP) to launch clean air sterilizer. 

Brand "zepiros" to exports to Europe in 2020 to 2015. 

CI Logo 

ZEPIROS' CI is responsible for technology and bio-industry.
It has a wide meaning.

ZEPIROS is correct, based on knowledge management.
And the future vision.
  • 2021년

    04 - ZEPIROS (INB Corporation Sales Corporation) Establishment

  • 2018~19

    - ZEPIROS Stand (I-2000) Launch

    - ZEPIROS Wall hanger (I-1000) Launch

  • 2016

    09 - Sanhwa selecs PBA line Production

  • 2015년

    02 - Bidet Business department development manufacturing

    02 - Bidet PBA development manufacturing

    04 - SMPS Manufacturing

  • 2014년

    01 - Conveying equipment LINE build

    03 - Sterilizer and clean manufacturing.

    10 - LED Light development manufacturing

Company Overview 

ZEPIROS is based on proper knowledge management.
Presenting a vision for the future.

Year and month of establishment
Corporation in November, 2016.
CEOgyeong ae So
Adress17, Wauan-gil, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 1016~1019
Building area
The head of an enemy
Business field
Assembly production, and global development of clean air sterilizer r and d, etc.

TEL 070-7501-7321

17, Wauan-gil, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 1016~1019 

Support 070-7501-7321 [Mon~Fri: 9:00AM~6:00PM]

Adress 17, Wauan-gil, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 1016~1019