ZEPIROS of a variety of clean air technology. 

Keep space safe! 

Purification, Sterilization, Deodorization

Light-Plasma & Low temp - Plasma module HEPA, TI02, Polymer fiber filter applied

Low temp-plasma
UVC light Plasma
Ti02, HEPA
Reactir module


Principal of sterilization and degassing of Hydroxide(-OH) radical

Stimulated by ultraviolet light energy, titanium dioxide is ionized into electrons (e-) and pores (e+) beyond

the energy band. The ionized electron (e-) stimulates the water molecules (H2O) that have polarity in the air, resulting in a large amount of Hydroxyl Redial (-OH).

Hydropsy Radical is a marine ready-made knife with an oxidative force of 2.80 and has an excellent effect of

dissolving formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.) that are sterilizing and harmful chemicals.

Ion Plasma(Option)

Not only does it generate ionic plasma, but it also causes airborne contaminants.
Effective air management to eliminate attached pollution sources.
30-45% longer life than normal collection filter methods.
Reduce maintenance, repair costs and semi-permanent use

Proven results give you a solid benefit. 

Viruses, bacteria, fungi. 

Eliminate about 85% of germs and fungi for 6 hours in a 17-pyeong laboratory 

testing agency  : Korea Institute of Construction Life Testing  (KCL)

Tobacco, Garbage, toilet stench effect 

ammonia/toluene - removing more than 92% of odor content for 2 hours 

testing agency  : Inha Univ., plasma based Research Center. 

Volatile organic compounds (sick building syndrome). 

Formaldehyde (HCHO) - 90% formaldehyde removed for 2 hours
Total Volatile Organic Compounds - Removal of more than 60%

active oxygen control 

The body caused by reactive oxygen species within the blood skin

aging caused by inflammation and oxidative stress.
In addition, the reactive oxygen species and provide a better environment for our skin.

Performance of ZEPIROS certified by multiple certification bodies

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